Sorry It’s Been Awhile

Hey Guys~

Sorry it’s been like a week since I last posted. I know you would’ve expected me to have written a post as soon as I got home from the flea market last weekend but my internet’s been down and I haven’t been able to do so.

SO. . . the flea market. . . it went well. It wasn’t a slam dunk but I did come out ahead. We had to be there at 5:45 AM to set up. It was supposed to open at 8 AM but there were so many people lined up, waiting to get in, that they opened it early, around 7:30!


my handpainted sign that I made

I had a lot of people stop and look but not a whole lot of buyers. I was in a booth next to a lady that runs a consignment shop and she was selling jewelry at $2/piece so I got a lot of “well, that lady is selling jewelry for $2, why should I pay XXX for yours?” I had to do a LOT of explaining that my jewelry is in fact, hand made, not on consignment and selling it for $2/piece wouldn’t even cover my cost of materials.

I was at least happy that I paid for the booth ($15). After that, I had a $70 profit which wasn’t bad. My goal was $100 so I got close and since this was my first time EVER selling jewelry to the general public, I can’t complain.


my booth, all set up

The local news came out to cover the event too. They’ve shot footage of me painting faces before but it’s always my ear, or my hand that gets on TV. I told my fiance jokingly that maybe my toes would get on TV.

Much to my surprise though, the last 10 seconds of the video that they aired on the news was a full on shot of me and all my jewelry!  Yay! Free advertising!

Flea Market on the Evening News


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I hold a BFA in printmaking and drawing from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. Drawing and illustration have always been my passion and I make my living teaching people how to draw and paint. Currently, in addition to my work as a lifeguard, swim instructor and an art teacher, I'm also an apprentice to a tattoo artist and have done quite a bit of flash as well. I started this blog more as a way for me to keep track of my thoughts and inspiration, resources and references but I'm more than happy to welcome you to it with open arms. View all posts by bonefishdesigns

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