So on this page I’ll address a number of questions. Not just questions I get asked, but questions I see other artists searching for answers to.

1. Commissions???

  • Yes, I do commissions. Most artists do.

2. How do you charge for commissions?

  • The formula I use is an hourly rate + cost of materials + shipping or delivery (gas) x hours invested + sales tax (5.3% in Virginia).
  • My base hourly rate is $11/hour (this is my base bottom hourly pay rate at my day job).
  • yes, paintings/illustrations/logos may cost more

EX for commission:

  • $11/hr x 5 hours + materials (lets say $50) + delivery (50 mi round trip, let’s say gas is $3/gallon, roughly 2 gallons of gas in my car) + sales tax = 55 +50 +6= 111 x 5.3% sales tax = $169

3. Discounts?

  • Occasionally I offer discounts, usually if you’re a friend, family member, repeat customer. Sometimes I offer discounts to first-time customers since first impressions are really important and I want you to shop with me again.

4. Payment? 

  • I require a price to be agreed upon and 50% up front. I also ask that you sign a written contract for my services. I’ve been stiffed too many times to cut you a break. If you don’t have the money, you weren’t serious to begin with and you either don’t value my work or don’t think it’s worth the money I’m asking.
  • I require the remaining balance to be paid upon delivery.

5. Shipping?

  • I insure all my packages and provide tracking numbers. Don’t try to tell me you never received it. I will call you on your BS.

6. Delivery?

  • I will deliver in person locally, if I know you (50 mile round trip, maximum)
  • I will not deliver to private residences, I’ve seen too many horror movies to trust you.
  • Want it delivered locally, I will meet you in a well lit, public place.
  • Don’t be a creeper. Seriously, no matter how desperate I am for money, my personal safety always comes first and if you raise my internal alarm bells, you can be damn sure I won’t deliver to you again.

7. Services Rendered?

My background is in fine art, my degree is in printmaking and drawing:

  • paintings
  • illustrations
  • logos
  • tattoos/ tattoo flash
  • occasionally mixed media collage pieces
  • occasionally hand bound books (lot of work, lot of money).

my passion is for crafts:

  • sewing
  • pattern drafting
  • jewelry

8. Collaborate?

  • I love the creative atmosphere that collaborating fosters. I will be more than happy to work with you on a project.

9. Do you share trade secrets?

  • depends on what it is, I’m more than happy to offer suggestions but I won’t blatantly spell out for you how/ why I do something the way I do. Again, dishonest people in this world have taken credit for work I’ve done. I’ve got to protect myself and my interests, first and foremost and I don’t need to see you posting my work to deviantart or instagram as your own.

10. What about materials?

  • I’m more than happy to tell you what materials I use and where I get them.

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to ask. 


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