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May Day Fundraiser

Hey Everyone~

I’m a horrible person whose been largely MIA from their blog recently but I have a good reason! I promise! I’ve been SUPER busy photographing and cataloging ALL my jewelry for Etsy. I FINALLY have a shop up and it ACTUALLY has stuff in it! I swear! Do you know how labor intensive it is to photograph and catalog stuff? Inventory! Yikes! And I had no idea just how much STUFF I had actually made! Image

In addition to Etsy, I’m pleased to announce that I will participating in the Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge’s annual fundraiser. The event will be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at the Charlottesville N*Telos Wireless Pavilion in Charlottesville, VA. I’m told this is the first year they’ve opened it up to the public and they’re going for a whole street fair/craft bazaar feel to it and I’m super excited since they reached out to me and invited me to participate. It’s a huge opportunity and I’m so grateful they’re giving it to me and it’s really awesome that people are starting to hear about my jewelry and myself and finding ways to contact me with opportunities, since it’s just another step in the direction towards owning my own business. 

The Main Event

The Belmont Festival was yesterday. There were a bunch of people that came out that had been at the Sunday Sundown event last weekend. I had quite a few people ask me if I had had more business cards made like I promised. I told them I had. I passed out about 20.

I painted ALL afternoon! At one point I had a line clear across the park! And even a thunderstorm didn’t break up the party! I was set up under a tree at a metal table and folding chair and it was pouring. There was frequent cloud to ground lightning and I was told to just deal with it, that it would move on! Talk about dedication (not really, what can I do when the people paying me to be there told me to stay put?). I would’ve liked to’ve been set up under the picnic pavilion but no such luck!

The news crews came out and shot video of the event and I ended up on the 11 o’clock news last night. Nothing special, they shot over my shoulder. I was like “woooooooo my ear and my paint brush made it on the evening news!” haha.

They’ve got a photo of me up on their website with the actual news story too:


I think I painted a bear on this kid’s cheek

It was still pretty cool to end up on the news, and for doing something that I love. We’ve got another event coming up in two weeks and I’m hoping the organizers will let me put up some of my personal art to showcase what I do when I’m not painting faces. I get a lot of compliments for my face painting but I cringe at some of the stuff I paint because it looks so blah and amateurish next to my big finished paintings.

I was also able to order the postcards I wanted, I used vistaprint to order my business cards and their “semi annual sale” happened to occur earlier this week and I was able to order 100 postcards for a pretty heavily discounted rate (yay coupons!). I’m hoping I’ll have them in time for the next event too.

Oh, next event, I really need to get one of those Off! bug repellant clips! I got eaten alive last night!

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